Meet Dana Shubat!

Meet Dana Shubat from Syria!

Dana Shubat

Dana Shubat, our 4th awardee

She is the 5th-year medical student studying at the University of Damascus in Syria who has been awarded with the 4th GA Scholarship in the history of our Fund, and is currently getting ready to travel to Budva, Montenegro for the IFMSA General Assembly – March Meeting 2017 representing her country and SMSA-Syria, of which she has been the founder!

Dana was chosen among 94 excellent applicants for the scholarship, according to her background, expertise and motivation. The amount of €500 of scholarship money will partially cover Dana’s expenses for registering and traveling to the MM2017 in Montenegro to meet with friends and colleagues studying Medicine from all over the world!

Learn more about Dana, by reading through her CV, as well as her letter of Motivation.


Dana Diab Shubat
Date of Birth: 1/1/1994

Medical student – year of 2018
Coach at Special Olympics, poet, programmer and a volunteer.
Founder and current president of SMSA-Syria.

– Languages :
• Arabic : native language
Speaking and writing 10/10

• English
Speaking and Writing 9/10

• French
Speaking and Writing 6/10

• Sign language
• Self-Study Stanford courses In order to be specified by an examination, Sponsorship programming, 2015 – 2018
• Damascus University Bachelor’s degree, Medicine, 2012 – 2018 Grade: 5th
• Syrian Olympic committee First Coach, Physical Education Teaching and Coaching, 2011 – 2013
• Syrian Information association programmer, Computer Programming, 2009 – 2012
• Business Administrative student at University of the People, California, Virtual.

• Founded SMSA (Syrian Medical Students’ Association) 2016.
• Wrote bylaws, constitution.
• Designed the structure style of SMSA.
• was elected as the president for 2016.
• Organized workshops to teach national officers : ( annual plan writing, project management, financial management, official contacting skills, language skills)
• Organized proposals of unique workshops sent to the Regional directing team.
Establishing Syrian medical students’ associations in Syria was a dream I believed in and worked so hard to make it come true!
I started with only one person, we were only two, and now we are a structure of 80 directors in 6 Standing committees representing 5 local medical schools and 18000 Syrian medical students.

Professional Certificates:
• Swimming referee.
• Organizer and participant at “Akwan” festival to support Arabic language.
• Physiotherapy course Union Cycliste Internationale
• Academic Writing in medicine workshop Damascus University December 2015
• 8 volunteering hours in Scratch day Abkar planet association
• First class swimming coach Syrian Olympics Committee 2012
• ILS (Intermediate Life Support) provided by European Resuscitation Council License 963-16-135571-06-06 April 2016 to April 2021
• Academic research writing. Damascus University February 2016
• Web developer diploma November 2007
• Aqua lifeguard and first aid Syrian Swimming Federation April 2011
• Brown Belt – Karate Syrian Karate federation August 2006

Cultural Achievements
• I am a poet (write my own poems in formal Arabic ) who gives poetry evenings since 2010 in the cultural centers in Damascus and Syria.
• Certificate in participation in the Youth Cultural festivals 2009-2010
• Writing and directing a cultural show about “Jobran Khalil Jobran”.
• Certificate in winning the cultural competition for a publishing center in Beirut 2009

*** video show for a part of a poetry evening by me : 

Sport Achievements :
• Golden medal and first place in all Triathlon National Championships from 2007 until 2015.
• 2 Silver medals in Arabic tournament in Egypt in 2007 – Pentathlon
• A golden medal in the international Europe championship in Kutahya-Turkey 2009
• Owns the Brown Belt in Karate.
• The best player in shooting during a pentathlon competition with result 187/200
• Owns Golden, silver and Bronz different medals in swimming competitions ( Freestyle – breaststroke – butterfly – IM ) in years : 2005 to 2010
• Coach of the national swimming and roller skating teams in Special Olympics ( my team got 13 medals in swimming and 4 in roller skating in the last tournament )

Scientific Achievements :
• Videoing, montaging and directing the Anatomy video series in medicine faculty in Damascus University.
• Translating the Scientific reference ” Common Symptoms Answer Guide A-Z” to Arabic.
• Designing and publishing the first Anatomy Atlas with two languages together ” Latin and Arabic” with a group named ATP
• I was honored to be the first person who applies and invent DIY MED (Do It Yourself – Medical activities) in Syria.
• Supervisor on Medical Wikipedia in Syria.
• Local Ted scientific talker
• Scientific papers about to be published.

• Speaking Sign language.
• organizing workshops
• ” Wiki ” technology.
• Programming languages ( Scratch , C++, Java)
• Supervisor and coordinator of MHS (Med Head Start) team that helps young medicine students to evolve themselves.
• Writing medical lectures in AMAZON medical library.
• Ted talker.
• Participant in UN projects for women and children.

Volunteering :
• A volunteer coach in Special Olympics for swimming and roller skating.
• A volunteer in UN virtual activities.
• A volunteer in “Sae’ed = help ” charity project.
• A volunteer in Syrian Environmental Association.
• A volunteer in ” Ayady Khadra = Green hands ” group in Damascus university.
• A volunteer at Med Head Start team.
• A volunteer at Anatomy Techno Photographers team.

• Freelance Writer at Osama Magazine for kids March 2016 – Present
• Freelance Translator at Free lance September 2015 – Present.
• Graphic Designer at Free lance December 2014 – Present .
• Lecturer (Introducing Juniors to Med school) at Damascus University November 2013 • Founder at Hackerspace August 2013 – Present.
• Volunteer at Syrian Environmental Association July 2013 – Present.
• International Volunteer at United Nations youth program April 2013 – Present
• Writer, Editor at Amazon Medical Library September 2012 – Present
• Writing lectures for medical students, translating scientific referees.
• Lecture Organizer at Faculty of Medicine, Damascus University September 2012 – Present
• Development Volunteer at Med Head Start September 2012 – Present.

Participations :
• Organizing and participating in “Nizar Kabbany” and “Mahmoud Darwish” events.
• Participating in spreading biking culture in Damascus.
• Judge in regional Special Olympics games 2010.
• Coach in regional Special Olympics games for Middle East and south Africa 2015.
Recognized achievements:
• Awarded with TOYP (Top Outstanding Youth Persons) by JCI (Junior Chamber International) for 2016.
• One of the only three women triathletes with hijab worldwide.
• TEDx Women speaker at the first TEDx women event in Syria 2016.

• Speaker at “Hakeem stage” the platform of creative medical students and doctors.
• Motivational speaker.

Talents :
• Play Organ.
• Writing poems in formal Arabic ( 78 vertical poems and 66 free poems )
• Montaging
• Directing
• Computer programming

• United States of America
• Jordan
• Egypt
• Turkey
Links :
TEDx talk :

social media :





Since the war started in Syria, my family’s financial position has drastically changed the same as the country’s. We lost our house and all of properties and found ourselves in the mid of destruction, nowhere to go, no direction to select!
It was the same year within it I have been accepted to study medicine at Damascus University. It was a dream that came true but in very different circumstances than what I have always been dreaming of. I saw a chance, a smooth line of light that can lead me to make a positive change. I started to do workshops, events and activities to put a hand in medical students’ hands and recreate our reality, we discovered very soon that there is still too much to learn and to give.
In 2015 I knew about IFMSA, I can’t describe how motivated was I when I received a reply for my enrollment request saying that we are welcomed. In the next day, I started to create SMSA (Syrian Medical Students’ Association).
I started with only one person, we were only two, and now we are a structure of 80 active directors in 6 Standing committees.
Reaching 5 medical schools of Syria was not easy, as many of the areas are not safe, we managed to meet in dangerous circumstances but deep inside, all what we believed in, was the future of medicine in Syria to-be-made by Syrian Medical Students.
I believe IFMSA supports those who are thirsty to learn and achieve, therefore I’m confident my letter will find you understanding and supportive.
If I was honored and got ERIK Holst scholarship, and made it to MM2017, I will meet with other NMOs’ presidents and members and learn from their experiences. I will share all what i have learnt through my IFMSA an personal career track and sure implement what I learn in my plan, and make sure I use it when I get back to my home country to transfer all what i learnt and build on it. Because as a medical student, there is no better way to put a hand in building our Syria than to be in IFMSA-SYRIA.

Dana Shubat




Dear applicants for the Erik Holst MM2017 Scholarship,

It is with great pleasure that we announce the results from the evaluation of all applications for the MM2017 Scholarship, provided by the Prof. Erik Holst Fund to a promising medical student, member of IFMSA, in order to cover some part (if not all) of the expenses for his/her participation at the IFMSA General Assembly – March Meeting 2017 in Montenegro.

We received 94 applications in total, which is a historical record for us, 94 excellent applications from all 5 IFMSA Regions. After a thorough, 2-rounds-long evaluation that lasted a week, we finally reached to the winner, who is:

Ms. Dana SHUBAT from Syria!


The Board of Directors of the Fund will be in touch with her in the following days in order to arrange properly how the scholarship will be received by its beneficiary.

We would like to take this opportunity and provide you with full details on how the whole evaluation procedure took place, in terms of transparency.

The Fund first announced the call for applications for the scholarship on November 6th, 2016 over the IFMSA General server, Erik Holst Facebook page and and provided a timespan of 4 weeks for receiving applications online. The first announcement was also posted on various IFMSA-related Facebook groups, and was followed by 2 reminders as the deadline approached. The deadline for receiving applications expired on December 1st, 2016 at 23:59 (GMT/UTC). The application procedure was done at our website by filling in an online application form, which included a CV and a Motivation Letter of each applicant as a prerequisite for application submission. Through these two texts, we would be able to better become acquainted with each candidate and take a thorough look into their aspirations from their possible participation in the GA, their vision of IFMSA and themselves in it, as well as their background and achievements both academic, professional and personal. As the scholarship aims mainly in students who cannot attend the GA due to financial constraints, special attention was given to any relevant information provided by the applicant. Applicants that haven’t attended a GA before, and those who had previously applied for our scholarship programme were also seen in a more favorable way.

After the 1st round of evaluation, a ranking list of all applicants was determined. Then, all applicants were arranged according to IFMSA Region and the first of each Region was chosen, which provided us with a list of 7 finalists in total, because we encountered ties in some Regions. Then, a 2nd round of evaluation followed, starting with these 7 finalists, which led us to the final ranking list that gave the winner of the scholarship.

Finally, we would like to thank once again all those who applied, especially those who made it to the list of the finalists. We are sorry that we could not give more scholarships this time, but hopefully we will be able to do so for the next GA, that is the AM2017! We do encourage all of the applicants to reapply next time, when the call for applications is released! We will be happy to receive your applications once again when time comes!

Check our website for more news & updates on the GA Scholarships and other upcoming grants, as we will be enriching its content soon, after the scholarship is received, as we shall be following our grantee Ms. SHUBAT and her experience at the IFMSA GA- MM2017!

Kind regards,
Konstantinos M. Roditis
Chair, Prof. Erik Holst Fund Board of Directors

The Prof. Erik Holst Fund Board of Directors: Konstantinos Roditis (Chair), Yon Chong (Secretary), Stefan Buttigieg (External Relations Officer), Xaviour Walker (Advisor) and Omar Cherkaoui (IFMSA President).

Erik Holst MM2017 Scholarship results to be announced soon

Dear applicants,

Due to unforeseen participation at our last call for applications for the MM2017 Erik Holst GA Scholarship, the Board of Directors is currently fully engaged in finalizing the evaluation of all 90+ received applications within the given deadline.

The result will be announced soon, by tomorrow evening GMT, Monday December 12th 2016.

This shall allow enough time the beneficiary of the scholarship to finalize their early registration in close cooperation with their NMO president and the IFMSA EB before the deadline for early registrations expires.


PEHF Board of Directors

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Erik Holst MM2017 GA Scholarship

First Announcement

Dear IFMSA medical students worldwide,



IFMSA General Assembly

Are you a medical student and a member of IFMSA?
Are you involved in IFMSA activities locally?
Do you consider yourself a promising leader in your community?
Are you interested in participating in an IFMSA General Assembly (GA)?
Will 500€ enable your participation?
Then, this is your chance! APPLY NOW for the “Erik Holst MM2017 GA Scholarship”

IFMSA GA Scholarship – In particular

Awarded to promising GA attendees from any IFMSA member-country. The award recognizes the contributions the students have made at a local level and their potential to contribute to the activities of IFMSA. Many students cannot attend the GA because lack of financial resources and unfortunately the excitement and inspiration of this conference is therefore closed off to them. The PEHF wants to open the door a little wider for these students. This will help those interested participate in the GA and can only strengthen the spirit of the GA.

Call for Applications

The “Erik Holst MM2017 GA Scholarship” will be 500€ and will be awarded to one (1) medical student, to be used ONLY for participation at the IFMSA GA – March Meeting 2017 in Montenegro.

Those interested, please fill-in the application form online, making sure you provide data for all required questions. Do not forget to provide your CV and motivation letter at the end. These will mostly define the applicant who will be awarded the scholarship. After submitting your application you will receive an e-mail from PEHF informing you of the successful submission of your application. Make sure to visit regularly for updates on the application review process.

DEADLINE for receiving applications: 1 December 2016, 23:59 GMT

The deadline above will be strictly followed, as the PEHF Board must take the necessary time to review all applications, within the time constraints set by the MM2017 Organizing Committee:

Early registration

Opens on Saturday, 5th November 2016 at 00:01 GTM
Closes on Thursday, 15th December 2016 at 23:59 GTM

Late registration

Opens on Friday, 16th December 2016 at 00:01 GTM
Closes on Sunday, 15th January 2017 at 23:59 GTM

PreGA deadline 15th January at 23:59 GMT

Substitutions and cancellations

Cancellations before 20th January 2017—Full refund
Cancellations before 30th January 2017—50% refund
Cancellations after 1st February 2017—no refund

Substitutions before 10th February 2017 at 23:59 GTM


The applicant selected will be informed by e-mail with instructions how to receive the scholarship. Make sure you enter a valid e-mail address. The name of the awardee will also be announced online at

Don’t miss your chance to apply for our scholarship!
Don’t miss your chance to attend the IFMSA GA – March Meeting 2017
Don’t miss your chance to make a difference for you and your local community!


Prof. Erik Holst Fund – “Giving back something for what IFMSA has given us”

On behalf of the Prof. Erik Holst Fund Board of Directors,

Kostas Roditis,


Questions on the application process?

For any questions you may have on the application process, you may always contact us at Prof. Erik Holst Fund by filling-in the following contact form: