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Dear IFMSA Alumni worldwide,
Dear esteemed colleagues,

Mr. Rajesh Sharma from Nepal has been awarded the latest IFMSA GA- AM2019 Erik Holst Scholarship to attend the GA in Taiwan last August! He joined the growing family of PEHF awardees that already counts 8 people:

PEHF Awardees Hall of Fame:

  1. Surendra Sapkota (Nepal) attended the AM15 in Ohrid, North Macedonia
  2. Haleema Munir (Pakistan) attended the MM16 in Malta
  3. Dana Shubat (Syria) attended the MM17 in Budva, Montenegro
  4. Patrick Rene Archimed Djabou (Burkina Faso) attended the AM17 in Arusha, Tanzania
  5. Phillip Chigiya (Zimbabwe) attended the MM18 in Egypt
  6. Javier Asfura (Honduras) attended the AM18 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  7. Danny Sierra (Guatemala) attended the MM19 in Slovenia
  8. Rajesh Sharma (Nepal) attended AM19 in Taiwan

At you may find our last Newsletter #17 with a narrative by Mr. Sharma reflecting on his receiving the PEHF award and his experience with IFMSA during the AM19 in Taiwan.

You may also look through some photographs of him during his participation.


Rajesh Sharma (second row, far right), PEHF AM2019 aeardee


Mr Sharma facilitates a session at the AM2019 pre-GA


Rajesh with the Nepalese flag at the AM2019


Rajesh Sharma (second from the left), latest PEHF AM2019 awardee

All this would never have happened, if you, individual Alumni, had not offered your generous donations to the PEHF!

We therefore call upon your kind assistance in making the Erik Holst Fund a sustainable project, created and run by IFMSA Alumni, by offering your kind donations using our PayPal platform. You may choose between an ONE TIME or a RECURRENT donation, although we would prefer the latter!

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Please join our growing family of PEHF donors and put your name too under the All-time Donors List, also available on PEHF website!

All-time PEHF Donors List (in random order)

  1. Claire Procter
  2. Francisco Oviedo
  3. Richard Hamilton
  4. Kostas Roditis
  5. Vasu Sunkara
  6. Stefan Buttigieg
  7. Jacco Veldhuyzen
  8. Robert Steffen
  9. Thorsten Hornung
  10. Christine Chen
  11. Maria Alvarez
  12. Janina Deyng
  13. Xaviour & Jenny Walker

We all, the team behind the PEHF will continuously try and reach out to you, the IFMSA alumni family to join our efforts and make our goals a reality, benefiting future generations of IFMSA activists globally!

Kind regards,
Kostas Roditis, MD, MSc
Chair, Prof. Erik Holst Fund Board of Directors

The Prof. Erik Holst Fund Board of Directors: Konstantinos Roditis (Chair), Yon Chong (Secretary), Stefan Buttigieg (External Relations Officer), and Nebojša Nikolić (IFMSA President).The Prof. Erik Holst Fund Alumni Partners: Ljiljana Lukic, Giacomo Cinelli, Ahmet Murt

Recent development: Revoking the scholarship for AM2019 due to awardee travel inability

Dear PEHF donors, friends, IFMSA Alumni and family,

We would like to inform you on a recent development regarding the change of the PEHF AM2019 GA scholarship recipient, due to last minute inability of the initial awardee, Mr. WUNDE from Cameroon to travel to the GA in Taiwan.

The PEHF Board decided to revoke the scholarship from Mr. WUNDE and instead award it to the 1st runner-up of the last applications evaluation process, that was:

Mr. Rajesh Sharma, from NMSS-Nepal!

Congrarulations goes to Rajesh, who recently attended the AM2019 and will be soon receiving the scholarship.

Stay tuned for more on Rajesh’s experience from the GA in Taiwan as well as more news by the PEHF in our upcoming newsletter issue!

The PEHF Board & its Alumni Partners