GA Scholarship 2015

The application period for the Prof. Erik Holst Fund GA Scholarship 2015 has ended on May 1st, 2015.

The Fund received 78 applications in total from all 5 IFMSA Regions, which were evaluated in two rounds.

The awarded medical student to receive the 1st “Erik Holst” Scholarship was announced on May 12th, 2015 and it was Mr. Surendra Sapkota from Nepal, who attended the IFMSA GA – August Meeting 2015 in Ohrid, FYR Macedonia. Read more…

7 thoughts on “GA Scholarship 2015

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  2. I really think that the scholarship for the ifmsa general assembly is very good, because there are a lot of people who would like to join this and be more active, but bounded by money. So i do think that this scholarship is really helpful

    • First I’d like to congratulate you all for this wonderful thing that you are doing as you have targeted the main obstacle that hinders most of us to be part of various meetings , not only that but also the support you are willing to give for different projects.
      I assure you through this you have reached the targeted goal you have in giving back for IFMSA . You are an inspiration .Good work guys

  3. This kind of initiative is like a breakthrough to some of us who have long been halted to participate fully in IFMSA GAs because of financial constraints .

  4. This is a big opportunity to be part of something bigger and change the world; but, is not as easy when you live in other continents.
    Thanks for the help that you are offering to the people that are interested but unable to go for some reason.

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