Meet Patrick Rene Archimed Djabou!

Meet Patrick Rene Archimed Djabou from Burkina Faso!

He is the 6th-year medical student studying at the University Professor Joseph KI ZERBO/Health Department in Burkina Faso, who has been awarded with the 5th GA Scholarship in the history of our Fund  to travel to Arusha, Tanzania for the IFMSA General Assembly – August Meeting 2017 representing his country and AEM-Burkina Faso, of which he is the current NMO President.

Patrick Rene Archimed was chosen among 49 applicants for the scholarship, according to his background, expertise and motivation. The amount of €500 of scholarship money has partially covered Patrick’s expenses for registering and traveling to the AM2017 in Tanzania to meet with friends and colleagues studying Medicine from all over the world!

Learn more about Patrick Rene Archimed, by reading through his CV, as well as his Letter of Motivation.



Patrick René Archimed DJABOU




Burkina Faso


University Professor Joseph KI ZERBO/Health Department, Burkina Faso


-SCOPH, General Secretary in Burkina Faso’s NMO
-Best African Project at ARM (Addis Abeba) with the project on “Tuberculosis in jail” at Ouagadougou 2013-2014: National public health Officer of AEM/BF
– General Secretary of AEM/BF
28th April – 8th March 2016:
– Attendance to IFMSA March meeting 2016 in Malta
– Participation of Training about Disaster Medicine at Pre GA in Malta -Participation of trainings on capacity building and project management at the march meeting 2016.
– Burkina Faso NMO President
-Communication and Publication Director for African Regional meeting (ARM) 2016
-Coordinator of national preparatory meeting for the elaboration of “Ouagadougou declaration” on climate change
-Coordinator of the elaboration of AEM-Burkina Faso strategic plan 2017-2019
Informatics skills Good knowledge on: Google apps (Docs, Sheets, Forms, Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Hangouts), Microsoft Office, Skype


English (speaking and writing) : Level : Good French (Speaking and writing : Level : Very Good Local languages : Gourounsi and Mooré : Level : Very good


The International Federation of Medical Students’ Association is a great family where any medical students can improve his leadership and capacity building.
Despite of this opportunity medical students from africa have difficulties to express themeselves in the federation.Between these difficulties we have the GAs attendance.
My motivation to apply for Erik Holst Fund in order to attend the august meeting is all about passion and responsibility to give back to a region that I bear in my heart.
When I joined AEM Burkina, I could not imagine how far this will take me to. I was passionate about interacting with people and sharing medical knowledge. I quickly started learning how to work in a team to design, plan, and execute a project. Patience, active listening, and open mindedness were core elements I developed.
I was elected National Public Health Officer (NPO), General Secretary (GS), and I am currently the President of our amazing National Medical Organization (NMO). Each stage was again a learning opportunity.
Today, there is a tremendous opportunity to take this experience to world level, to serve our region.
Many reasons explain my appilcation for this fund

  1. I am the NMO President and I want to get more informations about IFMSA and I will share my experience with the others members of my NMO when I will be back in my country.
  2. The worst economical situation of my country
  3. It’s one of rare GA in Africa and it will be very helpful because of the accessibility of the visa.
  4. There are few members of my NMO that have attended to IFMSA’s General Assemblies before and the our NMO had not reprsentative in the two previous GAs.
  5. It will be an opportunity to meet and learn from other highly motivated Medical Students worldwide.
  6. It is with excitement that I am applying, knowing that if I am given the opportunity, I can contribute to make african region and my NMO strong for us and for the next generation.