The idea to create such a Fund was first conceived long ago into IFMSA’s history. However, the first steps were taken in 2010-2011, when a Working Group of IFMSA Alumni committed to the idea of the Fund, worked hard to create and present a proposal for its creation at the IFMSA Alumni Meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark, in August 2011. The WG consisted of the following people:
1) Anas Eid (Lebanon)
2) Ahmed M. Kassem (Egypt)
3) Marija Ljubicic (Serbia)
4) Konstantinos Roditis (Greece)
5) Vasu Sunkara
Lead by Konstantinos Roditis (Greece), the WG presented the proposal for the creation of the Fund on August 2011. The proposal, with its amendments, got accepted unanimously by the participants at the IFMSA Alumni Meeting and so, the Fund was officially established. IFMSA recognized its existence officially at the March Meeting 2013 in Baltimore, USA, when the Fund as described in its Terms of Reference document, got “inscripted” into the Federations’ bylaws.