Dear applicants for the Erik Holst AM2016 Scholarship,
Dear IFMSA Alumni,

It is with great pleasure that we announce the results from the evaluation of all applications for the AM2016 Scholarship, provided by the Prof. Erik Holst Fund to a promising medical student, member of IFMSA, in order to cover some part (if not all) of the expenses for his/her participation at the IFMSA General Assembly – August Meeting 2016 in Mexico.

We received 52 applications in total, which is a big number for our only 3rd call for applications, 52 excellent applications from all 5 IFMSA Regions. After a thorough, 2-rounds-long evaluation that lasted a week, we finally reached to the winner, who is:

Mr. Desire RUHINDA from Tanzania!


The Board of Directors of the Fund will be in touch with him in the following days in order to arrange properly how the scholarship will be received by its beneficiary.

We would like to take this opportunity and provide you with full details on how the whole evaluation procedure took place, in terms of transparency.

The Fund first announced the call for applications for the scholarship on 24 April 2016 (over the IFMSA General server, Erik Holst Facebook page and and provided a timespan of 2 weeks (14 days) for receiving applications online. The first announcement was also posted on various IFMSA-related Facebook groups, and was followed by 2 reminders as the deadline approached. The deadline for receiving applications expired on May 7th, 2016 at 23:59 (GMT/UTC). The application procedure was done at our website by filling in an online application form, which included a CV and a Motivation Letter of each applicant as a prerequisite for application submission. Through these two texts, we would be able to better become acquainted with each candidate and take a thorough look into their aspirations from their possible participation in the GA, their vision of IFMSA and themselves in it, as well as their background and achievements both academic, professional and personal. As the scholarship aims mainly in students who cannot attend the GA due to financial constraints, special attention was given to any relevant information provided by the applicant. Applicants that haven’t attended a GA before, were also seen in a more favorable way.

After the 1st round of evaluation, a ranking list of all applicants was determined. Then, all applicants were arranged according to IFMSA Region and the 2 first of each Region were chosen, which provided us with a list of 12 finalists in total, because we encountered ties in some Regions. Then, a 2nd round of evaluation followed, starting with these 12 finalists, which led us to the final ranking list that gave the winner of the scholarship.

Finally, we would like to thank once again all those who applied, especially those who made it to the list of the 12 finalists. We are sorry that we could not give more scholarships this time, but hopefully we will be able to do so for the next GA, that is the MM2017! We do encourage all of the applicants to reapply next time, when the call for applications is released! We will be happy to receive your applications once again when time comes!

Check our website for more news & updates on the GA Scholarships and other upcoming grants, as we will be enriching its content soon, after the scholarship is received, as we shall be following our grantee Mr. Ruhinda and his experience at the IFMSA GA-AM2016!

Kind regards,
Konstantinos M. Roditis
Chair, Prof. Erik Holst Fund Board of Directors

The Prof. Erik Holst Fund Board of Directors: Konstantinos Roditis (Chair), Yon Chong (Secretary), Stefan Buttigieg (External Relations Officer) and Xaviour Walker (Advisor).


By DR. KONSTANTINOS RODITIS, MD, MSc, Chair, Prof. Erik Holst Fund Board of Directors & HALEEMA MUNIR, medical student, President, IFMSA-Pakistan

Haleema Munir

Haleema Munir, IFMSA-Pakistan, Erik Holst Fund MM2016 awardee

The Past, the Present, the Future: this year’s IFMSA March Meeting Theme echoes also Prof. Erik Holst Fund’s short, but promising history… Initiated back in 2011 in Copenhagen, Denmark, by an enthusiastic team of IFMSA Alumni, the Fund has already stepped in its 4th year of existence. So far, among many hardships and drawbacks, it finally started giving back to IFMSA “something for all that IFMSA has given” to its Alumni when they still were medical students…
After Surendra Sapkota from Nepal last August, who attended the IFMSA GA in Ohrid, FYR Macedonia with the help of a Prof. Erik Holst Fund Scholarship, time has come for the 2nd Scholarship which has been awarded to a very promising medical student-leader from Pakistan, Ms. Haleema Munir! Listen to her story, as she describes her aspirations about her upcoming participation in the MM2016 in Malta:

“While applying for this scholarship, I was very well aware of the tough competition that I would be facing by very competent applicants from all over the globe and so all I could do was to hope for the best. Seeing the email announcing the winner was one of the most exciting and memorable moments of my life. I was overjoyed at the very thought of meeting my IFMSA family from all around the globe.
Being the winner of Prof. Erik Holst Fund Scholarship for attending the March Meeting 2016 in Malta is all very exciting and thrilling, so much so that sometimes it even seems unreal. But more than that, it is an honor to have been selected by core IFMSAians-for-life to attend the hub of IFMSA magic. I am extremely thankful to the members of the Fund for selecting me and considering me worthy of this honor.
Since my selection as the recipient of this scholarship, the members of the Fund have been in regular contact with me and they have been extremely cooperative to ensure smooth working of the technicalities.
This opportunity for me to attend MM2016 will not only help me as an individual and enhance my skills as a culturally-aware professional, but it will also help my NMO, IFMSA-Pakistan, as I intend to spread out the training, wisdom and learning I’ll gain from this GA among the hundreds of members IFMSA-Pakistan who are unable to attend IFMSA General Assemblies.
I would urge all true IFMSAians who wish to experience IFMSA firsthand to keep applying for Prof. Erik Holst Fund Scholarship. If you didn’t get selected the first time, you might get selected the next time you apply, just like me!”


IFMSA GA – March Meeting 2016 in Malta

We all in the Fund’s Board of Directors, with the kind assistance of our Board of Trustees, will keep on fundraising for our Fund, only to be able to deliver more Scholarships to IFMSA members all over the world as well as the first-ever Erik Holst micro-grants to IFMSA projects.
And of course, we will be for ever thankful to our wonderful Alumni colleagues for their incoming donations!